For Vegan-Ish we have developed the webshop where you can buy recipes. Vegan-Ish helps you to partially or fully apply a vegan lifestyle by offering non-common vegan recipes, tips, coaching & events.

Vacaciones Málaga

For Vacaciones Málaga we have designed the logo and developed the website. Vacaciones Málaga offers holiday apartments in Málaga (Spain) and gives you tips and info about the city.

Villa Vrolijk

We created the logo design and business cards for Villa Vrolijk. Villa Vrolijk offers guest accommodation, home support and individual guidance for children with (multiple) limitations.


For Ivolution we have designed the logo and a set of business cards. Ivolution helps you with sports coaching and private training.

Youth Artist Agency

For Youth Artist Agency we have designed the logo with illustrations. In addition to the logo, we also designed flyers, social media templates, business cards and developed the website. Y.A.A provides artists and workshops to institutions that stimulate talent development.

Player Lifestyle

For fashion brand 'Player Lifestyle' we designed a total brand identity, consisting of a logo and business cards.

I’m Rosy

For beauty salon I'm Rosy, we created a extended brand identity. We also designed various promotional materials and developed a website with shop and appointment system.

Conscious Lifting

For Conscious Lifting, an online platform focused on the vegan lifestyle, we have developed a logo re-design and online platform with forum.

Pro Clean Plus

For ProCleanPlus we have developed the new logo.


For a new event called "Chezzmoii" we have designed the logo. The logo can be used on flyers in different color variants.

Tekstbureau swagerman

For Tekstbureau Swagerman we have created a logo design and website.


For Suit & Tie we have been able to design the promotional material for various events in addition to the logo in recent years. Such as: posters, flyers, entrance tickets, social media banners & photo frames.

Mi Campoo Ecologico

For a Spanish customer 'Mi Campoo Ecologico', we designed the logo in addition to webshop development.

Waffles & Stuff

For Waffles & Stuff we designed the logo with illustration. At Waffles & Stuff you get the tastiest chicken with waffle dishes in Amsterdam.

Team Fusion Europe NL

For Team Fusion we have developed the webshop and designed various flyers, user manuals and templates for recurring events.

Dominique Chandreperkash Photography

For photographer Dominique Chandreperkash we have designed the logo + business cards and we have developed her portfolio website.

Confidence musthaves

For Confidence must-haves we have made a re-design of the old logo and we have developed the brand new webshop.

The Webshop Shop

We did the total branding and webshop development for our graduation-project 'The Webshop Shop'.


For everyBODYchallenge we have developed a responsive website with agenda function.


Logo design for night cafe Nightpoint at the Albert Cuyp in Amsterdam. In addition to the logo, we have also designed various menu and cocktail cards.

Jazzy Belle Shop

For Jazzy Belle Shop we have developed the 2014 webshop.

Saban Gym

For kickboxschool Saban Gym we have made a re-design of the outdated logo.

AY scooters

Sorelle Design has designed the entire corporate identity for AY Scooters. Consisting of logos, business cards and promotional flyers.


For IFR (Institute for Functional Rehabilitation) we have designed an advertisement for in the local paper.

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